Dabble in the Extremes: Frozen Seas

Educational Camp


Discover the coldest, driest environment on earth, Antarctica and how it compares to the North Pole, the Arctic. This five-day educational camp immerses students in cold icy waters (icebergs to ice floes) of this extreme climate. What are the extreme conditions of both of these environments? What makes them the same or different concerning marine life? How does various marine life adapt to the extreme cold? From penguins to polar bears, narwhals to leopard seals, students will have fun learning about the amazing inhabitants and their complex behaviors. Historically, which men and expeditions explored and survived these extreme environments? How did they survive, and overcome the many dangers? What is the state of the current research in these areas? Could Bermuda ever get as extremely cold? What are the consequences for these environments with increased Global Warming, and their effect on the rest of the earth? Students will study recent future predictions, present conditions and find out what they can do to make a difference.