School Group Classes

Students studying marine biodegradation

We offer over 25 educational classes that are designed for curriculum supplementation, both in sciences and social studies/geography. These classes are age-specific and include multi-media presentations, reinforcement activities (scavenger hunts/lab interactives etc.) and a teacher package with supplemental information and additional take-home activities. All BUEI educational classes are FREE.

For reservations or inquiries please call Crystal Schultz, BUEI Education Research Coordinator at 294-0207, or email

BUEI Education Programmes Brochure
Educational Movie & Activity

This activity is structured according to the teacher’s request. Typical activity includes mini-presentation or demonstration and a movie with accompanying questionnaire for students to complete during the movie. Follow-up on site or in the classroom with answer key or handouts provided to the teacher.

Educational Lecture Series

BUEI Talks are popular evening lecture series that feature world renown experts in their fields as well as accomplished Bermudians.  Information about scheduled lectures is available on our website events page and can be faxed/emailed to schools upon request.

Special Events

Any special event of educational interest will be faxed/emailed to all schools and forwarded to the appropriate department. Generally free of charge, sign-up is on a first call, first sign-up basis.

School/Classroom Visitations

Various lecturers and BUEI International Advisors volunteer their time and share their experiences in person with classes. Schools and relevant departments will be advised when these opportunities become available and the appropriate age group of the students as determined by the guest lecturer. Free of charge.

Personalised School Group Activities

If you have a special educational request that involves topics covered at BUEI, please contact Crystal Schultz, Education & Research Coordinator at 294-0207. We will do our utmost to accommodate you.