Encyclopaedia Of Markings and Decoration On Artillery

mendel_peterson_encyclopaediaA new tool of research has been created for the use of scientists in all fields of History. Mendel Peterson crafted it. This volume is Part One.

Mendel Lazear Peterson (1918-2003) spent his whole life learning to read cannon language. In all the important Army, Navy and History museums of the world, he has studied, deciphered and photographed well above twelve thousand bronze and iron cannons, howitzers and mortars.

Reading cannons, the inscriptions, marks, mottos, symbols, allegories, cyphers, coats of arms and portraits that used to
cover bronze artillery pieces in the Age of Artillery (mid-14th to mid-20th century) is reading about Power, about History. Who could explain History better than the instruments that made it? For this long period, cannons — have been “Ultima Ratio Regum”, “The Last Argument of the Kings”, the argument that settles it all, between enemy rulers or between commercially competing nations after everything else has been tried and has failed: Diplomacy, negotiations and bribery, influence, threats and ultimatums.