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Blue Echo Dive

Be thrilled by our amazing simulated diving experience that takes you to 12,000 feet below the sea surface. Join your fellow adventurers on a state-of the art submersible mission to explore the perplexing Bermuda Triangle. During your descent you will investigate scientific anomalies above and below the island, visit an aeroplane graveyard, experience close encounters with whales, giant squid and sharks and a multitude of deep-sea creatures. Surprises, unexplained mishaps and mysteries abound and only you can decide between science fact and science fiction! Disembark in a top-secret undersea vault…

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Bermuda Revealed

Exhibits_bda-revealed2Discover how the islands of Bermuda were formed and learn about the long-extinct volcanic seamount beneath us. Interactive activities guide you through Bermuda’s geological history and lead you to the answer of why our sand is pink! Marvel at the ancient cedar root, discovered in thirty feet of water and over 7,290 years old which reveals how sea levels have changed. Journey back in time to witness the evolution of underwater exploration techniques and equipment. Visitors will also learn about the pioneers of diving and experience being inside a diving bell and a replica of William Beebe’s famous bathysphere.

America’s Cup : Built to Win

B2Win_entrance-768x807The Built to Win exhibit is the place to go for everything America’s Cup for novices and experts alike. This prestigious sailing race is one of the oldest in sporting history predating the modern Olympics by 45 years! Since its inception, the America’s Cup has driven the development of innovative designs and technologies helping to shape the modern sport of sail racing. Compare the construction techniques and materials of a traditional monohull versus the modern-day America’s Cup foiling catamaran, and find out what it takes to compete at the highest level. Test your sailing skills and tactics with fun interactives and train like one of the crew on our grinding machine and racing simulators. Our exciting Oculus Rift virtual reality experience is sure to be the highlight of your visit.

World's Largest Private Shell Collection

Renowned malacologist John R.H. “Jack” Lightbourn’s shell collection is one of the largest privately owned collections in the world, featuring over 1,200 specimens. Jack began his lifelong hobby at the age of six scouring the beaches of Bermuda with his grandfather. He ultimately amassed a collection which is acknowledged as one of the largest and finest in the world, rivalling even the Smithsonian archives. In the process he became one of the foremost collectors and experts in the field. You will be astounded by the variety, sizes, shapes and colours of these stunning natural treasures!

Living with the Ocean

sting-ray-1The XL Catlin Living with the Ocean exhibit examines human impact on the marine environment. Visitors can interact above and below the water with state-of-the art technology and seven large screens creating an immersive Google Earth experience. Explore our planet and “dive” beneath our oceans to visit coral reefs around the world. The experience also combines unique footage from some of the most remote and environmentally important underwater areas in the world reproduced courtesy of the remarkable XL Catlin Seaview Survey. Listen to the songs of whales, discover how our famous pink sand is created and learn what a ‘nurdle’ is and how it affects ocean health. You will gain a new appreciation for the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it and take away ideas to help keep the ocean free of harmful plastics for future generations.

The Deep & Bioluminescence

unspecifiedCongratulations! You have survived your dive mission, and are now in the dark ocean depths. Explore if you dare. Here you will find interactive jellyfish that bounce off of your shadow, hydrothermal vents raising high above the ground and a plethora of bizarre creatures that have evolved due to the extreme and harsh conditions of the environment they inhabit. Succumb to our shark cage and experience the sensation of great white sharks swimming straight at you.

Follow our ocean food chain mural, painted by artist Glen Loates, which depicts the largest animal that has ever lived, an epic undersea battle between arch-enemies, and a prehistoric shark. Witness what deep-sea pressure does to Styrofoam heads, and gaze upon glowing rocks!

Shipwreck Gallery

exhibit-1Bermuda was a dangerous place for early sailors with over 300 ships falling victim to her treacherous reefs making Bermuda the shipwreck capital of the world. Bermuda’s shipwrecks act as the collective memory keepers for our island’s national identity – one that was and still is fundamentally ship based. Walk back through time and uncover a bounty of marine artefacts and history. Discover some of the treasures that Teddy Tucker, Bermuda’s legendary diver and pioneer in marine archaeology, salvaged from local shipwrecks; over 100 of which he personally located. Also featured in the exhibit are medicinal ampoules, which contained morphine, adrenaline, anti-tetanus serum, opium and penicillin, recovered from the island’s most famous wreck Constellation, lost in 1943. Both this wreck and Teddy Tucker’s adventures inspired Peter Benchley to write his novel “The Deep” which was shot on location in Bermuda and featured Teddy himself in a cameo role.


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