Education Endowment Funds

Secure the Future

The BUEI Education Endowment Fund provides permanent support by producing annual income for exhibits, guest lecturers, children’s programmes and other education related activities.

The ocean has played a vitally important role in mankind’s past, and will play an even greater role in our future – this is especially true in Bermuda’s case. The sea is beautiful and captivating – a potential source of wealth, and at the same time, a place of sanctuary in our hectic, modern world.

Residents and visitors alike, need to learn more about the ocean and appreciate how crucial it is to our quality of life, indeed, to our survival. The BUEI’s Education Endowment Fund will help contribute toward this goal and your support is important!

When you make a donation to BUEI’s Annual Campaign, you become a vested partner in our mission: “To advance the understanding, appreciation and knowledge of the ocean and to encourage the protection and preservation of the marine environment.

BUEI’s connection to the community provides the foundation that makes us a successful informal learning facility. We appreciate the generous contributions that you, visitors, members, volunteers and BUEI staff have provided in support of our exciting and educational programmes.

Bermuda and the undersea realm that surrounds her are indeed inseparable. For young and old, resident or visitor, BUEI celebrates their relationships – its past and its future.